International Labour Solidarity Committee of the

Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI)

16 January 2010



To labour organisations around the world


Islamic regime of Iran must be expelled from the


 International Labour Organisation (ILO)




You have heard and seen the news of mass demonstrations of the Iranian people to topple the Islamic regime of Iran.  The fact is that there is a revolution going on in Iran: people want to bring an end to thirty years of murder and savagery of this anti-worker, anti-woman, and, in one word, inhuman regime.  Today, more than at any other time, people and the workers of Iran are in need of international labour solidarity.


Unpaid wages, laid-off workers, deprived of any kind of financial and social security, wage levels under the poverty line, and, more importantly, workers denied the right to freely organise and strike have made the workers’ situation in Iran unbearable.


The Islamic Republic jails workers for celebrating May Day, for building their own organisations and for fighting to be paid their unpaid wages.  In recent years, a large number of workers have been jailed for fighting for their basic rights.  At this very moment, Mansoor Ossanlou, Ebrahim Madadi, six union activists of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane Company, namely Fereydoon Nikoofard, Jalil Ahmadi, Ghorban Alipoor, Ali Nejati, Reza Rakhshan, Mohammad Heidari Mehr, and loved teacher and activist Farzad Kamangar are still in prison.  Also, during the last eight months of protests, thousands of people have been detained, although the exact number of the detainees is not known.  The pressure on those in prison is intense and the lives of many of them are in danger.  Also, the Islamic Republic has started summoning activists who were arrested in May 2008 and sending them to prison.  The latest case is that of Sharif Saaéd Panah, a member of the Free Union of Iranian Workers and a worker at Par-Ris textile factory in Sanandaj.


This regime is in fact making its last exertions to survive.  The people of Iran have been standing up to it, and at this point in time need the strongest possible solidarity of the people of the world.


One immediate request of the Iranian people from the international community is the expulsion of the Islamic from all international organisations.  This is one of the first acts of solidarity with the struggle of the people of Iran.


The International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran requests all labour and human rights organisations across the world to exert pressure on the ILO and demand the expulsion of the Islamic Republic from this organisation, to demand that governments shut down the Islamic Republic’s embassies in their countries, and to put this regime under strong international pressure to secure the immediate release of the jailed workers and all political prisoners in Iran.


International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (ILSC-WPI)


Co-ordinator: Shahla Daneshfar

Public Relations: Bahram Soroush