Global Action Day - 6 March 2008

Two more workers whipped in Iran
Union complains to the ILO

May Day activist fined and whipped in Iran
10 others await a similar fate

LabourStart launches its online petition demanding the release of Mansour Osanloo and Mahmoud Salehi

We welcome your initiative for international action in solidarity with the workers in Iran and to free Mansoor Ossanlou and Mahmoud Salehi on March 6

To international labour and human rights organisations
Week of Action in support of jailed students and political prisoners in Iran (2–9 Feb 2008)



To: Worker organizations and unions all around the world- The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence has started to arrest striking Haft-Tape workers! The workers demand international support!

Free Mansour Osanlo, Ebrahim Madadi , Mahmoud Salehi

Condemn the Attempt to Assassinate Majid Hamidi, Worker Activist of City of Sanandaj

Support for the Workers in Iran at the Solidarity Week of the International Transport Workers’ Federation

Ending oppression and threats against Iranian worker activists

To global unions and world’s labour organisations
Your continued support is needed to beat the current wave of repression and executions in Iran

Worker-communist Party of Iran’s open letter to ITUC and ITF:
August 9th: world day of action for the release of Mansoor Ossanlou and Mahmoud Salehi

Free Mansour Osanloo:

International day of action called over detention of Iranian union leaders

Workers In Iran, Special Issue - Islamic Republic must be expelled from the International Labour Organization!

letter from Fred Muzin prisident of Hospital Employees union in canada to Islamic Republic Mahmoud ahmadinejad about Executoni Khaled Hardani and Cobra Najjar

To all Labor Organizations throughout the world-from part in the annual meeting.

May 1st detainees and Mahmood Salehi must be released

Iran’s teachers stage another strike

Mahmoud Salehi must be released immediately and unconditionally  -  supports

CUPW Condemns Imprisonment of Salehi

ITUC: Iran: Violent Attacks and Judicial Farce Herald New Wave of Anti-union Repression

BWI Condemns Mahmoud Salehi's Arrest

Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union Condemns Salehi's Imprisonment!

CGT's Protest Letter to the IRI' Ambassador

From bus workers union to ITF

Iran: Ossanlou released

Iran: Third bus union activist released; Ossanlou still in detention

Iran: Three more bus workers’ union activists arrested

Mansoor Ossanlou re-arrested

Iran: Three more bus workers’ union activists arrested

Iran: Textile workers’ protest brutally crushed

Report of 15 February 2006

Suppression of workers at Par-ris spin mill, Sanandaj

Support the Struggle of Parris Workers!Khalil Keyvan

Mansoor Ossanlou released

Eight Vahed bus workers were arrested today-15 july 2006

To all world labour organisations
 ‘Iranian delegation should not have been admitted to the ILO conference’‘,We gave voice to millions of workers in Iran’- Shahla Daneshfar

Iran's Islamic Councils and “Workers' House” out of ILO!

Syndicate of Workers of  Tehran and Suburbs United Bus Company calls for barring of Islamic Councils from ILO conference

All detained workers released; sentences against Saqez activists quashed

Tehran bus workers
urge barring of Islamic Council delegates from ILO conference

Iran Khodro auto workers protest at the participation of Iranian delegation at the ILO conference

Tehran workers call for the expulsion of Iran’s Islamic Councils from the ILO

To:  International Labour Organisation
Mansoor Osanlou is still in prison. We must free him.
What is Mr Sadeghi up to at the ILO!

All detained workers released; sentences against Saqez activists quashed

 From:Employee Syndicate of Tehran and Suburb Bus Riding company
to: director General of the International Transport Eederation(ITF)

From ITF  
To:Syndicate Of Workers Of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Compony Tehran

Labour activists arrested ahead of May Day

May Day rallies in Tehran and Sanandaj attacked; at least 17 arrested

Message from the International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran
To the participants at the 2006 May Day rally

 Tehran bus drivers sacked as protests continue

From: The Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company-To: International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF

Message of Congratulations and Solidarity of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company on the victory of the workers, students and people of France

Bus workers step up protests as more strikers are confirmed sacked; Hayat Gheibi released following a hunger strike

To ICFTU, world trade unions and Amnesty International
Up to 1,000 striking bus workers in Iran laid off
Your financial support is urgently needed- Shahla Daneshfa

To International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
To all trade unions and human rights organisations
The workers and people of Iran count on your support in their struggle for freedom and welfare- Khalil Keyvan

Several hundred unionists and members of their family arrested at Sherkate Vahed

To all trade unions around the world:
Appeal for financial support for Tehran’s
striking bus workers


Even children are not spared!
Interview with Mahdiye Salimi, the 12 year old daughter of union member who was beaten and arrested

Iran out of the ILO!
From: Shahla Daneshfar, co-ordinator of the International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran
To: International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)

Urgent Action Needed - 23 December 2005
To International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)
To all labour organisations around the world -Khalil Keyvan

See the original text of some support letter for Terharan bus drivers

Tehran Bus drivers dispute: Latest news

Support letters for the Saqez labour activists(1)

Support letters for the Saqez labour activists (2)

 about the arrests of trade union leaders at Sherkat-e Vahed -   ICFTU

Iran: Textile workers’ strike wins

Iran (Kurdistan) textile workers’ strike enters its sixth week

• Workers’ rep released as management pledges to meet demands

Iran shipyard workers locked out

Tehran bus drivers begin a 'no-ticket' protest today

Documents of the international solidarity campaign in support of Iranian oil workers 
December 1996 - April 1997


Petition in Iran that demands a minimum wage of $550:On the minimum wage for 2005

More than one thousand petrochemical workers of Mahshahr signed $550.00 minimum wage petition


TUC calls  on Iranian Government to respect workers' right to celebrate May Day

Feb2005, Iran: Sign up the petition to

 support the  workers Protest against Contract Work and Anti-Labour Legislation in Iran

ICFTU takes complaints of crumbling respect for workers’ rights to the highest level 14/2/2005

support Kordistan Textile workers

Workers in Foumenat (Iran) violently attacked by security forces

Letter from Kazem Nik-Khah to Terje Nustad, President, Norwegian oilworkers’ union 


Letter to ICFTU regarding kidnapping and detaining of 2 labour activists in Iran -Kazem Nik-khah

 International Metal Workers Federation (IMF) sent protest letter to Khatami over detention of a labour activist in Iran

 Protest letter from Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) against workers arresting i Iran

Protest letter from Vancouver and District Labour Council

Letter by a group of workers of Alumin Radiator, Sanandaj, Iran, to international labour organisations:
To International Confederation of Free Trade Unions(ICFTU)-To labour organisations around the world

OFS condemns the Islamic regime of Iran for it's harassment of labour activists

Letter of protest from Canadian CLC to Islamic regime of Iran on violation of workers rights

Fred Muzin protests detention of 2 labour activits in Iran

Jorid Tveita from Norwegian Hotel and restaurants worker union demands immediate release of SadeghAmiri and Parviz Salarvand, Iranian activits

PDS from Germany, letter of protest to Khatami

Iranian labour fights back!

Request for a delegation to investigate the crimes
of the Islamic Republic in Iranian Kurdistan

ICFTU protests against arresting of worker activist Mr Borhan Divangar by Iranian authorities

Norwegian Hotel and restaurant workers union protests violent attack on Asia textile workers in Kerman-Iran

Canadian union of postal workers condemns violent attacks of the Iranian security forces directed at Asia textile workers in kerman city 

Report of the ILO Committee of Experts on workers situation in Iran

Iranian regime under pressure for detaining labour activists

Detained workers released!

To labour organisations around the world
Urgent action required
 Labour activists in Iran sentenced to prison and exile for taking part in May Day rally

Letter to:International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) -International Labour Solidarity Committee of the
Worker-communist Party of Iran


The Islamic Republic of Iran has turned a labour protest into an atrocity!
The world must protest against this atrocity!
24 January2004

Support our campaign for the release of workers arrested on May Day in Iran
may 2004
Kazem Nik-khah

child labour in Iran

News from Labour Front

Statement of 138 Shahoo Textile workers

Unions protest violent attack on Asia textile workers in Kerman-Iran