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Protest against Iranian regime's fascistic attacks against Afghan workers and refugees!


The Islamic Republic of Iran has recently stepped up its attacks and pressure on refugees from Afghanistan. In its latest offensive, the most fascistic forms of humiliation and anti-Afghan propaganda are being propagated by the regime’s media. A vast force of trained military police has been hired to identify Afghan workers, wherever they are, and arrest and detain them. They are then driven to Afghanistan’s borders on a daily basis and left to fend for themselves in a war-torn no man’s land. The Afghan families in Iran, even those with legal permission to stay, are severely under pressure to leave Iran. Children are being dismissed from schools. Their parents are being forced to pay heavy tuitions. In recent weeks, a gathering of Afghan families in Mashad who were protesting the tuition fees by gathering in front of the United Nations office were attacked. A number of men, women and children were severely beaten, with United Nations officials bearing witness to the attacks. Moreover, Afghan workers are fired from workplaces and factories and are immediately arrested.


This is a dirty campaign against Afghan refugees and is nothing less than Hitler’s propaganda machine. Afghans are officially introduced as those responsible for crime, murder, lack of security, and all other social problems. The order to attack Afghans has been issued by the government media several times over. All parts of the government have a direct hand in this fascistic campaign. They have officially declared a “shock plan” to arrest and deport Afghans and the Labour Minister of the Islamic Republic has claimed that according to this plan, more than 500 thousand Afghans will be deported from Iran.


According to the Islamic Republic’s statistics, more than a million Afghan refugees live in Iran. They mostly work under the hardest and most hazardous conditions and are treated heinously. Their work conditions are nothing less than slavery. They have no security. Their wages are well below the official poverty line and minimum wage. The greedy employers are making profit out of this government offensive and the lack of security for Afghan workers by reducing their already low wages and forcing them into even more inhumane work conditions. The voice of this part of the society is not reflected anywhere.


This campaign should be met with serious and vast protest. We call on all trade unions, labour organisations and freedom-loving people to join us in our strong protest against this inhumane and fascistic policy of the Islamic Republic on more than a million Afghan workers and refugees and to write protest letters in order to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic to end this policy.


Join our campaign in defence of Afghan refugees in Iran and in condemnation of the Islamic Republic’s policy. Help us to further the activities of this campaign.


International Labour Solidarity Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran


3 November 2006


Co-ordinator: Shahla Daneshfar (

Public Relations: Bahram Soroush (