To Workers of Peugeot Citroën Aulnay!


The International Labour Solidarity Committee – Iran strongly supports your struggle against mass layoffs at Peugeot Citroën’s Aulnay plant. We workers around the world have the right to work without fear of losing our jobs with every up and down in the economy and fall in capitalists’ profit.

As you probably know, workers in Iran are living under one of the worst conditions in terms of job security, working conditions and worker rights. Workers have to survive on pay levels which are one third of the poverty line, and are continuously arrested and jailed when they try to organise or strike to defend their rights and conditions. So they feel an immediate sense of solidarity when they hear about the fight of their comrades around the world against injustice and capitalist greed. Your long and heroic fight against the closure of the Aulnay plant and the resulting mass layoffs is one such fight, which inspires all workers around the world, including workers in Iran.

In our fight against employers and their Islamic regime in Iran, we have always enjoyed workers’ support internationally, especially from you French comrades. We believe that in today’s world situation, while the capitalists are trying to resolve their economic crisis by attacking workers, through mass layoffs, pay cuts and other austerity measures, workers’ international solidarity is more crucial than ever.

We send you our greetings and wish you victory in your magnificent fight for jobs at Aulnay, which is an important fight of all workers in France and internationally.

Long live workers of Peugeot Citroën Aulnay!

Long live workers’ international solidarity!

International Labour Solidarity Committee – Iran

13 April 2013



nternational Labour Solidarity Committee – Iran

Coordinator: Shahla Daneshfar (

Spokesperson: Bahram Soroush (