Call for the Release of Worker Activists and Other Political Prisoners in Iran(VDLC )



June 27, 2012


President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The Presidency, Palestine Avenue, Azerbaijan Intersection

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

By Email:


Dear President Ahmadinejad:


Re: Call for the Release of Worker Activists and Other Political Prisoners in Iran


I am writing on behalf of the Vancouver & District Labour Council in Canada, which has 115 member unions representing 60,000 workers in our region.  This letter is to express our grave concern about continued human rights violations in Iran.


Specifically, we have been monitoring the oppression of labour organizations and worker’s rights in your country. 


It has come to our attention that your security forces raided a house in the city of Kaaj on June 15th and arrested 60 worker activists.  Fifty one have since been released, but the following nine individuals remain in prison:

Faramarz Homayouni

Saeed Marzban

Jalil Mohammadi

Alireza Asgari

Cyrus   Fathi                

Maziar Mehrpour

Masood Salimpour

Reihaneh Ansari

Mitra Homayouni


This raid is just the most recent action in your government’s aggressive campaign to prevent unions and other civil society organizations from having a voice in Iran.


We call on you to show the Iranian people and others around the world that you are prepared to accept the legitimacy of labour organizations and human rights groups in Iran.  The clearest measure of this would be the immediate release of the political prisoners, including but not limited to the nine activists listed above.

As president of Iran you have both the authority and responsibility to respond positively to this call.


Yours truly,


Joey Hartman


Cc: VDLC Executive

            International Labour Organization