24 November

International day of action against

executions in Iran


The Islamic regime in Iran has once again unleashed a wave of executions. Last week alone more than 20 people were executed. Currently, 3,000 people, many young, are on death row in Iran. The pretext for these killings is often drug trafficking or similar offences. However, these are usually labels, which the regime uses to undermine opposition to the executions. Many of these victims are just young people who have run into trouble with the security forces for protesting against their conditions. Among those killed in the past few weeks were also two political prisoners: Sattar Beheshti, a dissident blogger, who died under horrific tortures in Evin Prison in Tehran shortly after being arrested, and Jamil Souaidi, who also died under torture in the city of Ahvaz. The regime’s aim by these mass killings is to intimidate the public and stifle protests. In the mean time, worker activists and trade unionists sit in jail on trumped up charges. Given the scale of its economic crisis and the widespread poverty following the scrapping of most subsidies and implementation of austerity measures, the regime is clearly frightened of the prospect of mass social protests. The renewed wave of executions and increased persecution of trade union leaders are happening in this context.

 In response to these atrocities, the International Committee against Executions (ICAE) and the Campaign to Free Political Prisoners in Iran (CFPPI) have designated Saturday 24 November as an international day of action against executions and for the release of political prisoners in Iran. Our Campaign joins this protest, and will be taking part in the various events being announced for the day in the cities across Europe and North America.


For further updates and list of cities taking part, visit http://www.iranpoliticalprisoners.com/ and http://free-them-now.blogspot.co.uk/


Free Them Now! Campaign to Free Jailed Workers in Iran

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